Killarney Hotel
The Killarney Hotel

Killarney is a great place to get away for a while. The town is surrounded by mountains and national parks, with plenty of places to walk, drive, ride and explore.

Experience a working rural community, where people still smile and wave!

There are many attractions and adventures in the Killarney area. Here are a few of my suggestions for things to do while you’re here…

Local Attractions: Queen Mary Falls; Brown’s Falls; Moss Garden Walk; Dagg’s Falls; Mt Superbus, The Head of the Condamine

Places to Drive:

  • Killarney – Legume – Woodenbong – Rathdowney – The Head – Killarney
  • Killarney – Legume – Acacia Scrub Road – Acacia Plateau – Killarney
  • Killarney – Legume – Stanthorpe – Warwick – Killarney
  • Killarney – Tannymorel – Emu Vale – Yangan – Warwick – Killarney

Places to Walk: There are many lovely walks around the area – Along the Queensland/NSW Border; Moss Gardens to The Head Gate; Brown’s Falls; The Goat Track (O’Mara’s Rd); Sunday Plain and many more.

Experienced Bushwalkers: We can help with transfers to the foot of Mt Superbus (the road is 4WD access only). Or pick-ups and drop-offs for through walks Teviot Gap to Superbus.